Friday, September 12, 2008

Wanna win a prize.. I know I do..

Ponderings blog is celebrating this weekend so if you want to win a prize you need to read this blog and tell a story on your blog or a message board.. Here is what we are supposed to tell a story about.. "tell me about the street you grew up on" Ok so here goes.. I didn't really grow up on a street but more like a LONG dirt road!!! I lived in the country and our drive way was about a half mile long!!! We loved playing up and down the road and our parents didn't worry because it was so safe, no cars, no people.. Just my family and some horses and cows.. I remember when berries were in season black berries and red berries would grow along the road and if we got hungry while we were playing we would fill our pockets with berries!!!!

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Dina said...

Where did you grow up? I can just picture that long, dirt road and you playing on it. :) Thanks for particpating!!