Monday, April 14, 2008

Ok so I guess I am a follower!!!

Everyone is blogging so I thought why not me!!?!!?!!!?? I have had this blog for forever but I never updated it..Until now.. What's been going on with me you ask? Well let's see.. For starters my baby is sick:( He just had his tonsils removed and he is feeling so icky!!! Say a little prayer for him please.. I have had so much going on in my life lately.. I am feeling kinda overwhelmed.. I am making camera straps.. I loooove them so much.. Everyone else seems to really like them as well so that's good.. I am in the process of making longer ones.. I am calling them "Hipsters" They are longer and have some cool features on them.. I am also doing a good bit of photography lately as well.. We are planning on moving soon too.. We are going to be buying a house with my mom.. She is getting a divorce {finally} and we are all going to be roomies together.. I think it will be fun!!! Plus I am still on my design teams so yea I have been a busy girlie latley!!!

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Creative Angie P said...

I knew I talked to some recently about their child going to have tonsils is he doing? As the scabs bothering him much? Glad all went well - he'll be up running around and driving you crazy in no time! Glad your I have someone new to stalk, you and Indie Jane(Amanda) in the same day!!!